Automotive Audio

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  • Reflection reducing waveguides
  • Sound stage software algorithms
  • Speaker placements and sound tuning
  • Adaptive nonlinear loudspeaker control
  • AVAS for electro cars



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Costum-designed horns and waveformers.

Cardioid line array elements or cardiod subwoofers.

Directivity engineering.

Beamforming techniques.


Immersive front surround widening.

Dynamical bass enhancement for portable devices.

Binaural algorithms for headphones.


Reflection reducing waveguides.

Sound stage software algorithms.

Speaker placements and sound tuning.

Adaptive nonlinear loudspeaker control. 


Constant directivity waveguides for dome tweeter, cones or AMTs.

Cardioid low mids in bookshelf format.

Full active DSP controlled system with FIR filters.