Outdoor Loudspeaker Series

For a well known pro audio brand we developed a passive loudspeakers series with small to midsize ranged models made out of plastic.

Mechanical Engineering:

  • The designer provided a surface model which we turned into a solid model
  • Construction of the cabinets including for example the grill, braces, assembly details, draft angles
  • The goal was a 90% detail level for tooling process, the last few percent should be done by the supplier



  • All the models had been in house 3D printed,
  • Crossovers and cabinets had been assembled to be ready to use for acoustic approval at costumer site
  • Beside functional prototypes also various design prototypes had been printed


Acoustical Engineering:

  • Tuning the passive crossovers, taking also into account producibility, cost and performance
  • Documentation of possibilities to make the customer able to change for example the timbre of the sound
  • Power tests for specifying the dimensions of the parts including failure behaviour
  • Klippel laser tests to optimise the transducers
  • BEM simulation of the waveguides for the dome tweeter to achieve constant directivity


More projects will soon be shown here.


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Costum-designed horns and waveformers.

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