The head behind Dausend Acoustics

It is 25 years ago, myself 11 years young, when I built my very first own speaker. That was when my audio journey started.

Not much later, I had to build loudspeakers for most of my friends and family members. While studying, I worked at the local car-hifi store, installing powerful systems in customer’s cars and presentation vehicles of companies. I finished university with a master’s degree in electro mechanical engineering (Dipl.-Ing. Mechatronik).

The next five years, I gathered my first experiences as a professional acoustical engineer of a German pro audio company, for instance working on concert or install sound products.

Afterwards, my path took me to the consumer audio side, where I worked for three years for Germany’s sector-leading company, climbing up to Head of Acoustics. The products ranged from floor-standing stereo speakers to home cinema speakers and soundbars, down to small portable Bluetooth devices.


Now, I am very happy to offer you all my experience and know-how to engineer your sound with Dausend Acoustics.



Costum-designed horns and waveformers.

Cardioid line array elements or cardiod subwoofers.

Directivity engineering.

Beamforming techniques.


Immersive front surround widening.

Dynamical bass enhancement for portable devices.

Binaural algorithms for headphones.


Reflection reducing waveguides.

Sound stage software algorithms.

Speaker placements and sound tuning.

Adaptive nonlinear loudspeaker control. 


Constant directivity waveguides for dome tweeter, cones or AMTs.

Cardioid low mids in bookshelf format.

Full active DSP controlled system with FIR filters.