Dausend Acoustics Services

Please have a look on some of our services we can provide to you. Do not hesitate to ask what we can do for you.



● BEM for Acoustics, i.e. for Waveguides or Cabinets

● FEM for Acoustics and Mechanics

● Lumped Elements Simulations, i.e. for Cabinets

● Crossover and Filter Simulations, i.e. Active or Passive or FIR

Acoustical Measurements  

● Klippel® R&D System

● Anechoic Measurements with Klippel NFS near field scanner

● Large Signal Laser Analysis for Transducers

● Directivity Measurements, even for low frequenices 

● CTA 2034 Spinorama measurements

● Distortion Measurements, Harmonics, Multitone, etc.


Image Source: https://www.klippel.de/products/rd-system/modules/nfs-near-field-scanner.html

Mechanical Engineering

● Mechanical Product Design for Acoustical Properties

● 3D CAD Modelling

● Static Load Stress Tests

● Dynamic Structural Vibration Analysis


● Prototyping to Validate Acoustical Concepts

● 3D Printing and 3D CNC

● Plastic Parts  

● Wooden Cabinets


● Ideation Support    

● Holistic Development    

● Supplier Management    

● System Sound Tuning    

● Transducer Tweaking

● QA support End of Line Testing